The Tannenbusch House is a co-creative and inclusive space for idea development and joint action. It is our vision that all people, regardless of origin, age or gender, can have the opportunity to test and implement their own ideas and projects and shape our shared future. For this, we provide a safe and encouraging space.

Inclusiveness: mutual respect, encouragement, and embracing diversity

Playfulness: being curious, authentic and free-spirited

Awareness and self-reflection: understanding interconnectedness and personal role within environment

Belief in human goodwill & potential

Core Values

Since our project started in 2017, we have held over 500 public events and numerous projects geared towards sustainability, intercultural understanding and empowerment. Examples of topics are urban gardening, storytelling, creative writing, upcycling, music, dance, DIY (Do it Yourself), education and language learning, to mention but a few. And you can read more about selected projects under “our partners”.

Doing so, we have welcomed approx. 2000 different people over the years, have more than 1,000 followers on Facebook and are present in local media, providing a different perspective on Tannenbusch as a lively and multicultural neighbourhood. The most significant impact, however, is less tangible: It’s the connections and friendships that form, the ideas that are developed and the shift that happens within people. More than once (even more than a dozen times) we heard sentences like “it’s the first time I am sharing this personal part of my story with somebody – and then even in public” and others sharing that they can deeply relate to these experiences.

The global pandemic has put some of our plans on hold. We used the time to work on our concept of the SDG Action Space and are convinced that spaces such as the Tannenbusch House are needed more than ever.