Tannenbusch House, Bonn

Event Space

The Tannenbusch House is an international community center and an open space for events and workshops. The purpose of the house is to create and hold a space of trust and wholeness. We encourage active participation, to trust yourself and to take a leap of faith.


For information on the availability of the space, please check the official listing, email create@tannenbuschhaus.de or call Thomas on +49 171 1953146.

Guidelines and responsibilities for organizing and hosting events

Organizers of the Tannenbusch House

  • Providing a clean and well-organized space for your event.

  • Providing you access to the house (key, opening the door)
  • Creating event on the Tannenbusch House facebook page (if desired)

  • Providing coffee, tea, snacks and access to the kitchen.


  • Leaving the space behind the way you found it
  • The behaviour of people during your event (including insurance in case of damages)
  • Bringing in your participants and communicate with them to clarify questions

  • Catering for lunch & dinner

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Our activities are based on the principles of a sharing economy.  In short: we create an open space and you bring in the content and life. In this, we share both
the resource (space) and responsibilities. Money in this context is an important means to enable our activities. Sharing economy also implies that our payment structure is flexible and negotiable, especially for non-profits and those of us starting a business or profession. As we want to offer a space to test out new approaches we are aware that the costs might be a risk for you. So please feel encouraged to reach out to us in this matter.

What is your event about? Send us an email to: create@tannenbuschhaus.de or call Thomas via +49 171 1953146.

Sharing Economy is the collaborative consumption made by the activities of sharing, exchanging, and rental of resources without owning the good.

Lawrence Lessig