Tannenbusch House, Bonn

Gardening for Future

We develop ideas for a positive, just and conscious coexistence between humans and nature in an urban context. And we put these ideas into practice and action.

About the initiative

The project “Gardening for Future” and it’s related online campaign is a collaboration between Respect Earth e.V. and Tannenbusch House.

Respect Earth is a non-profit association with the purpose – as the name suggests – to promote respect for our earth. The main focus therefore is on concrete activities of nature and climate protection.

The 100 square metre garden of the Tannenbusch House is the central location for the project, although certain activities and collaborations reach out beyond Tannenbusch and Bonn. In the past years, we managed to build and take care of

  • An insect hotel
  • An aquaponics system
  • raised beds and “normal” beds with irrigation system

With this (and the many passionate ours of collaborative work), the garden became a little paradise for flowers, bees, plant and further human ideas.

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Our vision and campaigng

We imagine the garden to be a lively place to learn, to grow, to relax and implement ideas. Here we can feel comfortable and inspired to create a positive vision of the future, a biotope of humanity.

In order to realise and sustain that vision, we created an online crowdfunding campaign on betterplace. With the money from this campaign we will carry out the following projects and formats:

  • Enabling regular times for public gardening (once a week)
  • Purchase of materials (e.g. soil, seeds)
  • Facilitation of workshops with experts (e.g. permaculture or deep ecology)
  • More events of Respect Earth like Monday’s Drumming

Furthermore, we would like to be able to support people with their own ideas in a concrete way. Here, our garden can act as a local platform for networking.

Do you have an idea? Or would you like to get in touch?

You can reach us and the gardening project team via the following challens:

We would love to hear from you! And welcome you soon at our beautiful garden.