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The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are probably the most relevant and widespread framework for a ​better future. With the SDGs set out globally, people and organizations around the globe commit to actions towards poverty alleviation, ensure the safety of the planet and strive towards social justice and enjoyable lives for everyone.

About the initiative

Bonn is one of the centers for the SDGs. As a UN city, Bonn hosts the SDG Action Campaign and the annual Global Festival of Action. Furthermore, sustainability is a core part of the agenda agreed upon by the municipality.

We are 6 years into the 2030 agenda around the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Yet, we still have two obstacles on our way:

  • There are some places to learn about the SDGs, but none to ​consciously apply them. To break down the abstract concept of the SDGs and apply it right where we are, we need a physical space, examples, and a supportive community.
  • Second, the SDGs are presented in an abstract and “organization-like” way. We struggle to make it tangible and accessible for everyone. Therefore they are not easy to apply on the level of individuals and local communities on a daily basis. There is so much potential in every one of us to contribute to a thriving, just, and sustainable future! But how & where? How do my actions relate to the SDGs?

It is time to bring the SDGs down to Earth!

Recognizing the urgency and need for such a place, we initiated SDG Action Space in Bonn. All ideas need a home. We believe that Tannenbusch House, an international community center, is the perfect location for all ideas around the SDGs. It’s a place to discuss, test, and experiment. As a community center and space of trust, we provide not only the physical space but also an enthusiastic team that has a profound experience in creating workshops and events on sustainable development.

The overarching goal is to create a motivating and practical learning environment for the implementation of the SDGs. We take concrete action, make existing commitments visible and connect established organizations with motivated people and their aspiring ideas.


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What makes our SDG Action House so unique?

First of all, it is the first of its kind in Bonn! A local representation center of the SDGs, a place for learning about the SDGs, but more importantly, putting them into practice and taking concrete actions to develop sustainable projects for the city. Besides raising awareness of the SDGs, our approach is very action-oriented. The workshops & events in the SDG Action Space will have a focus on testing and acting. They will result in a new level of engagement of the local community in the course of action, of the city of Bonn, towards sustainable development.
Secondly: we bring SDG down to Earth, make it comprehensive and accessible for actions on the individual level, and suitable for practical application in our daily lives. You can only use something only when you fully understand it. We ensure that you know how to translate your desire for sustainable living into tangible benefits for the planet and those who live on it.
The SDG Action Space is a logical response to the requirements we need to meet to achieve the sustainable goals by 2030. We create the environment for taking concrete actions instead of long hours of abstract and theoretical talks.
Partnerships and support
To tap into the potential of everyone and have a greater impact, we create the project together with responsible member organizations and rely on the support of our community.
Organizationally speaking, the SDG Action Space is a multi-stakeholder project that unites prominent actors (e.g. NGOs, the private sector, and the local government) and unifies their various interests with one common goal – to make the SDGs work.

Partnering with us

SDG Action space is a perfect vehicle for companies and organizations to fulfil their ethical obligation or strategically engage with the local communities and contribute to the Global Agenda 2030. While there can be multiple reasons to become a project member, the central common goal is to make the SDGs work.
The underlying concept of the SDG Action House is to shape it jointly with all parties involved in this highly collaborative process. A multi-stakeholder engagement of various parties should help bring together a unique set of assets and create a shared sense of purpose, where everyone is encouraged to take ownership.
All ideas need a home. A place to discuss, test and experiment on them. Therefore, The Tannenbusch House provides the physical space and an enthusiastic team that has a profound experience in creating workshops and events on sustainable development. Similarly, we aim to create a partnership where every organization can hold a share and define its own role and contribution while meeting own specific expectations related to the project.

The SDG Action House, at this stage, has already received support and secured commitment to launch the project this year from a host of organizations. For example, the city of Bonn endorsed and financially supported the series of workshops around the SDGs called “SDG Learning Journey”.

While we appreciate any kind of in-kind or financial support, the main idea of the platform is to establish a long-term, mutually beneficial collaboration. But let us talk more concreate.

More specifically, these are the different types of partnerships that we aim for:

Publicly support the SDG Action Space through:

– provision of logo

– (social) media activities

– Invitations to present the SDG Action Space at events

Furthermore, endorsement partners should activate their own network to support the SDG Action Space.

Support the SDG Action Space financially through monthly contributions, starting with 100 Euro per month. Thereby you contribute to tangible impact, which we evaluate and provide.

Ideally, impact partners also support providing visibility, similar to the endorsement partner.

Set up projects within the SDG Action Space and provide expertise. This can involve own projects of the partner or support running projects of others within the SDG Action Space.

Implementation partners can also apply for joint funding with Space of Trust e.V.

Define your part with us; we are open to creating it together.

Send us an email to: create@tannenbuschhouse.de

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