Celebrating 5 Years Tannenbusch House!

In 2017, a small group of dreamers came together and founded the Tannenbusch house with a vision of creating a space of trust. What that meant was left open for discovery and interpretation. In the months that followed, ideas and suggestions of how to use the space were shared and tested. After two years of trying out different concepts, we found one that fits the energy of the house: an intercultural community space that brings people and ideas together to have a positive impact on ourselves first as individuals, and the community at large as a result.

Much as the Covid pandemic greatly affected our work, it only slowed us down but never stopped us. The spirit of the house stayed!

Over 500 events later, on 1st May 2022, we celebrated our 5th anniversary. This celebration was also an opportunity to not only showcase our work over the past years but also to reopen the Tannenbusch house to the community.

There was BBQ, a concert with none other than Her Majesty Calling, as well as chilling and having a grand time together.