Our team of volunteers

JoshProject Manager & Event Facilitator
I facilitate some events and activities, coordinate with some of the facilitators, handle the communication processes, co-manage and lead the Human Resources processes with Fabiola, and manage some of the partnership relations.
JannikFunding & Partnerships
My main role is to set up crowdfunding campaigns and the membership model for the house; as well as supporting funding applications for projects.
ThomasEvent Facilitator
Managing the Open Gardening Project, Monday Drumming and Music Sessions.
FabiolaHR & Event Facilitator
I facilitate, co-facilitate and support some of the events at the House. Handle media channels, primarily Facebook, to publish and advertise our events and activities. Attend to fairs and promoting events. Co-manage the Human Ressources area with Josh.
I design and maintain the Tannenbusch House website.
ArtemProject development
Strategic and conceptual planning of new initiatives, potential funding models and partnerships. Administrative and organisational support in development, execution of events.
JohannesExecutive Member of the Board
Volunteer with us