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Every Monday evening, people from all over the world come together to drum for Mother Earth

A global healing drum – One Earth – One Life – One Wisdom

Let’s get in touch once a week. We want to sound the drum in many places around the world at the same time and let it travel around the world with the rotation of the earth. The vision of “Drumming for Mother Earth” has its origins in a very ancient Lakota vision passed on to us by Grandfather Wallace Black. It says that hungry, greedy giants will come to dominate the earth, to dominate the earth and to suck the life force out of the earth. It goes on to say: “You must defeat the giants and return to the sacred cycle of the living.” Today we are dealing with giants who are exploiting the earth, exploiting the earth, “sucking the life force, sucking it dry”: The multinationals and banks, the consumer industry, represented by gigantic factories, machines, tankers, power stations, etc. The giants are humourless, rigid, inflexible. They are soulless and feed on our fear, and from our fear they do their murderous work without heart, without foresight, without real intelligence and even without wisdom. They instrumentalise, dehumanise and uniform the people who work for them. Our drumming irritates them. We throw them out of their rhythm. Bring back pulsation and vitality and free our soul from fear. From fear. The liberated soul knows how to love.

It recognises the lover and, like the carrier pigeon, finds the recipient. When we drum, we follow the soul. It leads us into the world of the soul where love is born. There we meet the other soul travellers.

We will be at the Tannenbusch Haus (Oppelner Straße 69, 53119 Bonn) on the following Mondays
15.01., 29.01., 12.02., 26.02., 11.03., 25.03., 08.04., 22.04., 06.05.

Free your soul, your consciousness from your self-centredness.

Go out in spirit with your soul.

Travel through the world and around the world.

Trust your perception.

Trust your intuition.

Trust your heart.

Don’t be fooled. This world is not really matter. The world is spirit and you are spirit. Let us meet and go on spiritual journeys together and express our wishes for the healing of Mother Earth, for peace and justice. for peace and justice.

Note: To be on the safe side, please check the date on the calendar on the homepage before coming. In summer the Drum Circle takes place at the Rhine / Beuel, usually at full moon, sometimes also at new moon, the Drum Circle takes place. please enquire about the elementary circles and the sweat lodge: 0171 1953146

For more information, please check our flyer (German).

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