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It’s time to bring the SDGs down to earth! 

We are 6 years into the 2030 agenda around the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The SDGs are probably the most relevant and valuable framework we have for sustainable development and social change. Yet we still struggle to make it tangible and accessible for everyone. There is so much potential in every one of us to contribute to a thriving, just and sustainable future! But how & where? How do my actions relate to the SDGs?

This is what the SDG Action space of the Tannenbusch House addresses. The overarching goal is to create a motivating and practical learning environment for the implementation of the SDGs. We take concrete action, make existing commitments visible and connect established organisations with young & motivated people.

20×30: Our funding goal 

To set up the SDG Action space we need to cover monthly costs of 600 Euros for rent, materials and compensations. All contributions are super valuable for us. Really! Especially if they are monthly contributions 🙂

Our ambition

We want to establish a role model and light post project. If the SDG Action space proves to be a promising approach, we can imagine action spaces in every neighbourhood of Bonn; and other cities and countries!

Act local, dream global…

Thank you so much for joining our ambitious project and lovely community!

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