Our topic: Interculture

Learning from each other, shaping together – we stand for an exchange that brings people from different cultures together. In an appreciative dialogue, we at Tannenbusch House always realise that there is so much more that connects us as people than sets us apart. No matter where we were born or how we grew up. We share the desire for community, for trust & security as well as for creative exchange & expression.


Social contribution

On the one hand, we create an understanding between cultures. At the same time, we bridge cultural differences by acting together. For many visitors to the house, we have become a “home away from home”. We see such places as increasingly important, especially in times of globalization.

We bring together people from local and international organizations, numerous cultures and backgrounds. Accordingly, we make a contribution to constructive cooperation.

In the Tannenbusch House

All this is a central aspect of many events at Tannenbusch Haus, such as the Sunday Stories, the Ideas Workshop or the Jam Sessions. These are regular formats and offers that have become established at Tannenbusch Haus.

In addition, events or workshops on specific topics often take place. It is worth taking a regular look at our event calendar.