Our Topic: Environmental Protection

We see ourselves as a place where we actively take the shaping of our future into our own hands. Especially in the urban context, we see sustainable development as a joint undertaking. We invite experts* to the Tannenbusch House, hold workshops and build a bridge between theory and practice.


Social contribution

SDG Umweltschutz

In the Tannenbusch House

The joint creative process thus creates a local network with local and international partnerships. Together with the city of Bonn we organized our “SDG Sunday Stories”, had upcycling and clothes-swapping events and are a food sharing distribution station.

However, the heart of these activities is and remains our garden, which we understand and develop as an intercultural meeting garden. In addition to an insect hotel, raised beds and an aquaponics facility, we regularly invite people to garden together.

We always invite you to participate yourself. You can do this by :

  • Bring your own project ideas or develop them with us
  • Become part of the garden team
  • supports our crowdfunding campaign
  • Become a partner (as an organization)