Our topic: Education

Education has many facets. Just like the people and topics with us. Accordingly, our formats in education range from language courses and creative writing to workshops in storytelling or deep ecology.

A basic principle of our educational offers is to make knowledge and theory tangible. Whether it is about speaking the German language or writing your own short stories.


Social contribution

The focus is on relevant educational opportunities for our time. We do not see ourselves primarily as an educational institution, but we would like to contribute to making people enthusiastic about new topics. An essential aspect here is that we offer a platform for passing on knowledge at eye level.

This pragmatic approach enables us to break down barriers to access to knowledge.

In the Tannenbusch House

Over time, our Language Café has established itself as a cornerstone of the house – and attracts 15-20 participants every week. But beyond that, we always offer room for ideas and testing.

Over the months, we have welcomed a number of workshops and exciting formats. Some of you still remember “Lego Serios Play” with Kome, the Listening Labs with Raquel or the Story Jam Sessions with Johann; when it was all about relying on your own and collective intuition and letting creative ideas emerge.

In addition, we discussed the waste problem in India or quantum physical phenomena in our Science Cafés.

And so we are also open to ideas and formats now and in the future.