Our topic: Arts and Culture

We humans have always expressed ourselves artistically. Be it through music, dance, crafts, food & cooking together or painting.

The Tannenbusch House offers a space for low-threshold and spontaneous exchange as well as professional art workshops and exhibitions.


Social contribution

Social change and art have always been closely linked. It has often been artistic (e.g. musical) contributions that have brought people together, mobilised or awakened them.

At the same time, especially in urban contexts, there are often few low-threshold spaces to try out new ideas. We work against this.

In the Tannenbusch House

From the very first day, music & dance were a central aspect of the house. The pictures below are just some of the impressions of our (spontaneous or planned) jam sessions, the living room concerts and dance classes as well as art workshops.

We were often surprised ourselves what can be done in a living room (and garden).