Sunday Stories

Sunday Stories

The Sunday Stories are a networking platform for people from all walks of life to come together and share in learning, networking and storytelling as we wind down the Sunday evening. So as to put more intention into our networking meetings and showcasing the value of the people we have around us, we will have a new guest speaker who will share a personal story that he or she experienced so far, every Sunday. Be it a challenge, a thought, a project, an idea, a funny experience, we are sure this is a good opportunity to be inspired and start good conversations.

The event will always remain FREE. However, we kindly ask you to contribute to the shared dinner by BRINGING a dish,? a salad ? or drinks ? to share with the group. Introduce us to your favorite ingredients, to your culture or just don’t let the leftovers get to waste ?

Please listen to one Sunday Story:




starting 18:30


Due to the COVID-19-pandemic, the Sunday Stories are currently on hold.


Tannenbusch House